Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Season 3 is over with much more to come. And this season, more than the previous ones, has left off with many many lingering questions and mysteries to ponder and debate until new episode start to air (I think they learned a lesson from LOST..)

Some points:

Chief Tyrol, Sam Anders, Col. Tigh, and Tori: Are they Cylons? Have they been programmed with some kind of trigger to make them Cylon sleeper agents (note: they were all on New Caprica, we know Col. Tigh was in prison there, is that where whatever happened to them took place?) Or has Cylon "skinjob" technology evolved so far that they can now create clones and replace people?

Baltar: What do you think of his acquittal? Is it justified? Does he deserve to die? Or, like Lee pointed it, should he be forgiven like the rest of the God-forsaken survivors of the colonies? And who were those religious people he was with at the end of the episode, are they in way connected to the Sagitarians or Tom Zarek?

President Roslyn: The cancer's back, now what? Taking Kamala again seems to allow her to see visions she wasn't able to when she was "sober." Will she take another blood transfusion from Hara or will she continue to let the cancer go so she can use her visions to guide the fleet to Earth?

Further, what was up with those visions of Caprica Six, Athena, and Rosyln in the Kobol Opera House? What's the significance of their connection with Hara?

Romo Lapkin (Baltar's lawyer): Will we ever see him again? (I hope so.) And what was that "other business" he had to deal with?

Starbuck: WTF? The episode when she "died" was one of the most maligned hours of Galactica history. Fans were in a tizzy, pissed about her death, the way it was handled, everything. I thought the episode, "Maelstorm," was boring and the episode when poor Kat died was so much more dramatic. But now she's back and been to Earth. Again, WTF?

Pegasus: Do you miss it as much as I do?

New Caprica: A great storyline that has had widespread repercussions. Do you think we'll get another flashback episode on that planet?

What caused the fleet-wide power failure when they reached the Nebula? And how did the Cylons beat them to it?

I'll post more when I think of them!


August said...

I thought most of the finale was bullshit. It just doesn't make any god damn sense. Ironically, Lost is getting better as Battlestar is getting rather thin. =(

I knew Baltar would go free, and it's fucked up because none of the Battlestar crew ever linked the mysterious nuclear explosion in orbit around New Caprica to him. Even though they had a total of 4 nukes. And gave Baltar 1. Whatever. There are so many other obvious traitor issues that they never bothered to follow up with Baltar. The failed cylon test, his evidence tampering attempt, his murder of the LT, to name a few.

He's an interesting character (though getting more and more whiney) so I guess they keep cutting him slack. The "religious" people that nabbed him are followers of his prison written manifesto. The red robes threw me for a bit, but then I remembered the girl was the one in the previous episode that was all about his book.

I don't buy the fact that the Chief, Colonel, Anders, and Tori are Cylons. I think they're just jerking us around. If it's true, then it also means the last remaining Cylon is more than likely Kara. If it's true, then there are TWO half-cylon babies. And come on, it's completely unlikely that Anders should've even ended up on Galactica -- but for him to be a Cylon as well? Not buying it. I'd have it just be some sort of brain-wave mind fuck similar to what the Ferengi did to Captain Picard. =)

Tori could be a cylon because she just appeared one day. Either way, don't care much about her.

Colonel Tigh? Eh, I don't quite buy that either. He has too much backstory and history with Adama. That alone would make him a good candidate to be a sleeper, but all that bullshit he did/went through on new Caprica? If he is a Cylon, then I'd expect him to be a rebel one. Which would be kinda cool...

Romo Lapkin should turn out to be the master cylon. He's very cool and slick. And he just "showed up" one day. Kind of like how Dean Stockton showed up.

Kara is either a Cylon or some fucking weirded out superhuman. I'm reminded of Dune with the Space Guild navigators. I knew she wouldn't die (that's like killing off Tony Soprano). But, yeah, the "Hi, I'm back and I've been to Earth," was pretty lame.

I guess the thing I fell strongest is that they drop all of these loose threads at the end. The show is usually good about resolving most issues, but now we have to wait until 2008 to find out more. Fuck that.

August said...

Read this:

Elad said...

I disagree with you and the You Are Dumb guy. While some of it was far-fetched, I think the finale was typical Galactica. Sure, it didn't have the power of last season's send-off, but until we know where the Final Five storyline is going, we can't make judgments.

Point by point:

Baltar: He can't die, obviously. He's the big villain of the show. I sort expected him to defect again to the Clyon side, but that was a weird few months and I'm not sure I want to go back there. As for that girl from the previous episode, i recognized her but remember she was asking Baltar to bless her child, adding a religious level to Baltar-worship. It goes beyond that prison manifesto, maybe more in line with the whole "rich/poor colonies" from a few episodes back.

As for the possible Final Five, I'm not sure they're Cylons. Hell, maybe Ron Moore isn't even sure yet. It would be a stretch and some credibility would be lost, of course. But whatever happens, if pulled off well, i will support it.

I wonder, though, what all that religious stuff with the Chief was about when he found the Eye of Jupiter, if, in fact, he's a Cylon (which I hope he's not).

It's probably a Ferengi mind-fuck. (I like that, btw.) That makes the most sense.

As for Starbuck, shit, I don't know, maybe she's the only one who's really a Cylon.

Sucks we have to wait, but I wonder what this special "Battlestar Event" at the end of 2007 will be about.

August said...

What you're saying about the final five is that it seems that no one has any idea where they're going with this, but they have a year to come up with it.

That's terrible. That whole bomb drop moment just seems really tacked on. You never watched Enterprise to the end to see where that story-arc was headed, why does Battlestar get immunity? Of course, it's an infinitely better show, but come on....this finale was really lame.