Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hey! Once again, I must apologize for the random hiatus while I went Internet-less for awhile and then returned with a faster, better, connection than I've ever had before. (If you could see how fast I just filled my hard drive, you'd be amazed.)

I've been having a very enjoyable, very relaxing time, job-less, car-less, in South Florida. Mostly thanks to my girlfriend, Shawn. Without her, I'd be bored senseless and stuck in the same loneliness meets depressive stupor that I was in the last year or so. (or decade or so). I've been happy! Which is a weird, unfamiliar emotion for me. I'm like Homer in that bright-colored world of chocolate (or was it donuts? chocolate donuts?), unsure of the reality of the situation, but still willing to indulge in my surroundings by taking a bite of everything and just enjoying myself.

I'm looking for a job. Either a 9-to-5 computer thing or maybe some kind of teaching. I'm not sure which I'd prefer but I'm about the point where I'd take anything dangled in front of me. Go on. Dangle something. (Please.)

Music-wise, the new Interpol has been leaked and is pretty damn good. It hasn't hit me like Turn on the Bright Lights, but then again, it took me awhile to truly feel that album as well. I'll get back to you when it's offically released (september. ha!)

This weekend, during a trip to NYC (my first in awhile), I'll be attending the Siren Festival at Coney Island. Looking forward to it a lot mainly to see one of my favorite new bands, TV on the Radio. I've seen them a bunch of times over the last year and they never fail to enterain and amaze. I'm wondering what they'll do with a festival setting (like a few thousand more people than they're use to playing in front of) but I expect great things. Also, the Fiery Furnaces will be there and I just d/led their new album which is a pyschadelic orgy of piano, guitars, and harmonies. A fascinating piece of music that blows away their previous release, in my opinion.

Reading-wise, I've been enjoying the heck (the hell! the fuck! the arse!) out of A.L. Kennedy's Everything You Need, a book that I think all writers (especially the aspiring variety) should read. Unlike her other books, it doesn't end around page 200 and that's like a gift and a half! The characters are extremely well shaded, the relationship tensions are sometimes heartbreaking - sometimes exciting. Very curious to see where she goes with it. Kennedy is easily the most interesting new writer I've read in awhile. (Thanks, as usual, to Chris.)

And, some linkage:

Hilarious Franz Ferdinand Article are making themselves cool..uh, for once! New season of SG1! New Stargate spin-off that looks great! Earthsea series! And the Ronald D. Moore Battlestar Galactica on the horizon. Who said Science Fiction TVwas dead?

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