Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Season 3 is over with much more to come. And this season, more than the previous ones, has left off with many many lingering questions and mysteries to ponder and debate until new episode start to air (I think they learned a lesson from LOST..)

Some points:

Chief Tyrol, Sam Anders, Col. Tigh, and Tori: Are they Cylons? Have they been programmed with some kind of trigger to make them Cylon sleeper agents (note: they were all on New Caprica, we know Col. Tigh was in prison there, is that where whatever happened to them took place?) Or has Cylon "skinjob" technology evolved so far that they can now create clones and replace people?

Baltar: What do you think of his acquittal? Is it justified? Does he deserve to die? Or, like Lee pointed it, should he be forgiven like the rest of the God-forsaken survivors of the colonies? And who were those religious people he was with at the end of the episode, are they in way connected to the Sagitarians or Tom Zarek?

President Roslyn: The cancer's back, now what? Taking Kamala again seems to allow her to see visions she wasn't able to when she was "sober." Will she take another blood transfusion from Hara or will she continue to let the cancer go so she can use her visions to guide the fleet to Earth?

Further, what was up with those visions of Caprica Six, Athena, and Rosyln in the Kobol Opera House? What's the significance of their connection with Hara?

Romo Lapkin (Baltar's lawyer): Will we ever see him again? (I hope so.) And what was that "other business" he had to deal with?

Starbuck: WTF? The episode when she "died" was one of the most maligned hours of Galactica history. Fans were in a tizzy, pissed about her death, the way it was handled, everything. I thought the episode, "Maelstorm," was boring and the episode when poor Kat died was so much more dramatic. But now she's back and been to Earth. Again, WTF?

Pegasus: Do you miss it as much as I do?

New Caprica: A great storyline that has had widespread repercussions. Do you think we'll get another flashback episode on that planet?

What caused the fleet-wide power failure when they reached the Nebula? And how did the Cylons beat them to it?

I'll post more when I think of them!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The orchids are doing great. Yay!

I just got a new job, working for an uber-cool design store for kids called Genius Jones. I'll be working on their website and the warehouse. I haven’t started yet. My old job convinced me to stay through March, even though they aren’t giving me anything to do, really (hence, this blog will definitely be more active over the next few weeks. Yay?).

Working in a very structured, hierarchical, office (*adjusts tie*) for almost two years now has been an… interesting experience. There’s been some wonderful moments of camaraderie and I’ve made some great friends in the process. There’s been some truly awful moments when the weight of eighteen bosses made me feel like the lowest ranked ant in the back of the food line. Doing what I’ve been doing – Events, although mainly the computer work involved – has been exciting. There’s a certain pressure and excitement with the idea of having some massive event the next day and trying to make sure every little piece is sent to the right place and the right person.

I’ll miss my boss, Alysa, who has been like the best sudden friend I’ve ever had. When I came to interview here in summer of ’05, I never thought I would be welcomed as part of a large family so warmly. People here – when they’re not stressed out by crazy demands of donors – are truly kind and friendly and have been nothing but super-accommodating to me. I’ll miss them all.

As for my writing, it’s been sporadic at best. Somnolent, more accurately. I feel like I have stories to tell, large ideas I want to spread throughout the world. But I am severely unmotivated. I’m not sure why. It’s nice to see 23 Small Disasters online and popping up on blogs. That’s been the biggest motivator for me in a while. True, it’s been only a couple days, but I’ve been thinking about writing more during these last few days than I have in a year. So, wish me luck, and hopefully you’ll see more By Elad Haber soon!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


A new addition to the apartment. The question is how long can I keep them healthy and looking this good?

Disasters In Full Light

Faster than a speeding bullet, 23 Small Disasters has appeared on our collective word-playground at the lovely Ideomancer. It features little interconnected pieces by Ben Rosenbaum (The Editor), Christopher Barzak, Mehgan McCarron, Greg van Eekhout, Kinii Ibaura Salaam, and Tim Pratt.

Please check it out, give it a read, and tell us what you think. I'm quite proud of my contributions to the piece, but prouder still to be in such great company.