Monday, December 20, 2004

Just wanted to give a public shout-out to my girl, Shawn, for graduating from law school yesterday! Congratulations and best of luck with the bar, dear.

I'd help you study but my decades of reading and any skill when it comes to sentence creation doesn't really mean anything when dealing with the right-brain shit that you have to do everyday!


And, a quick note about TV,

The Legends of Earthsea miniseries was weak as a Marlboro Ultra-Light. It was shocking and saddening to me. I loved the last two SciFi Channel miniseries, Children of Dune and Battlestar Galactica, and of course, my love of all things LeGuin is well documented. So, for me, I'm sad. But I don't blame the SciFi Channel but rather the people in charge of this adapation.

Also, The Wire finished it's third season on Sunday with a bang of an episode and a brilliant, fucking awesome, season. Easily cementing it's place as the best thing HBO has done (note: I've said this alot). Hopefully we'll get some more years of The Wire to enjoy but with the finality of this episode, I'm left wondering.

And, lastly, with The Wire going away, finally (FINALLY) Carnvale's second season starts this weekend. I am ready! Let's hope for another great year of slow-paced, non-question-answering, dupliticious characters, and good vs evil genius, right in time for winter. Excuse me while I do a little dance of joy.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

I have such high hopes for this film. Please, please, don't disappoint.

(Be sure to check out the new poster and the trailer.)