Monday, June 19, 2006

Gotta love 'em!

My people, Star Trek fans, will never give up. This article explores fan-made episodes that have sprung up since the end of Trek on television.

The truth is, these fan made projects have been around for awhile, ever since the disastorous Enterprise started airing and Trek fans realized that the people in charge of the franchise did not have the best interest of the fans in mind. It was sorta like a presidental election. The producers were going for those quirky "swing-voters" while leaving their "base" behind.

The one thing that I take issue with is the reference of modern science fiction being too "dark." I disagree. If anything, Star Trek was too "light." Battlestar Galactica is brilliant, powerful, deeply human stuff. (Just like Trek's goth sister, DS9.)

As for my own perspective of the lack of Trek on TV, it doesn't really bother me. If I had faith in Paramount to produce good Trek, I would be the first one watching it and writing about it in this here blog, but I don't. After years of sub-par episodes (first Voyager and then Enterprise), Star Trek needs a long long break. This new film that they're making (yet another prequel!) is a bad bad idea and will further alienate the true Trek fans from the owners of the franchise.

My advice to the people in charge: Let it rest. Let the fans have their fun. Please.