Wednesday, June 21, 2006


For anybody who doesn't know (i.e. who hasn't seen me in the last month and has not given me a chance to mention it randomly) Shawn and I are going to ALASKA this weekend for a seven-day cruise capped off with two days in Vancouver.

I can not wait!!

I plan to spend the next three full work days reading about Alaska, looking at pictures of the various port towns we will visit, and planning "excursions!"

Pictures and full reports to follow.


Shawn said...


BridalBeer said...

check out's run by my friend's motherin-law.

Elad said...

one more day!

thanks for the link, bb. i need more reading material about alaska! (and this is some great stuff, here.)

sucks your NY trip got cancelled, but hopefully your granddad is feeling better.

LoriB said...

yippie, hope u and shawn are having fun, and staying warm, can't wait to hear all about it

Anonymous said...

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