Thursday, September 22, 2005

So Close!

A week (edit. oops. wishful thinking) away from Serenity's release and I couldn't be more excited!

The advance word (by those priviliged few) has been great and even if it wasn't, I'd be excited. I'm sure the film will be incredible partly because of Joss Whedon's track record and the brilliant first season of the show, Firefly.

But beyond all that, Serenity is already a sucess in my opinion, not because of future projects, but because it was an abused and neglected TV show. Surprisingly brilliant and powerful in a small number of episodes. After it went off the air, like many disenfrancished science fiction shows, the fanbase rose up with letters and emails and petitions to no avail. But the creator of the show - and the cast - were so passionate about it, were so pissed about its fate, they took action in their hands. Whedon pleaded with a major studio to give his show a second try, not with another season on another network, but a major movie.

It's going to be a strange release. The fans of the show will definitely come see it. But Firefly was a niche show that never garnered a wide audience. I've seen a few commercials on TV, all that look very good, but I'm sure people who hear about this movie based on a TV show will pause and say, "Well, I didn't see the show, how am going to understand the movie?" From what I've read, that is not going to be a problem. The show's backstory will be told through an ambitious opener that will probably rival the first few minutes of The Lord of the Rings.

I only hope that some adventorous moviegoers will take a chance on this film. I'm positive that it will be miles above and beyond most movies these days in terms of plot, character, and, especially, dialouge. Just don't mind the Chinese.

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Elad said...

man, that was AWESOME.