Thursday, August 11, 2005

Man, I love these people.

Pboz email recieved today:

Hi, how's your summer going? Yeah? So Listen. Here's the thing. Kristin and Alison are now left in charge of the Pboz print office while Whitney lives the glamorous life of Executive Editor of a literary magazine. [ed. note: they are completely full of crap.] That means while she's off gallivanting we are toiling in the trenches of Pboz Headquarters, also known as Alison's kitchen. If you submitted during the last reading period, thanks by the way. But you probably noticed it took us a lengthy amount of time to respond to your submissions. A really long time, like way longer than usual considering there's two of us. And for that, dear submitters, we are sorry. It's just that there are so many of you who submit, which is awesome, really truly awesome and we love it. And we read every word you send over and sometimes we fall a little bit in like, or love as the case may be for those accepted, and sometimes we hold onto your stories and share them with each other. So as you can imagine there's a backlog, or bottleneck, or whatever else they call us not getting your responses out in a timely matter. Then sometimes you're all, "What the deal, yo?" And we're all, "Hold up, yo. We on it. Dats wassup."

Although I wish they'd publish my new story already.

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