Monday, August 08, 2005

"I Frakked Up, Bill. Bad."

Okay, how awesome was Battlestar Galactica this weekend?

How awesome is this show, in general? Brilliant first season dotted with some episodes gone astray and so far, a tightly written and extremely well-concieved second season. This is the best SciFi on TV since DS9.

It should be fascinating to watch Adama try and clean up the mess Tigh made of everything. And I can't wait to see new developments on Caprica.

A frakking good time


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's an awesome show.

- Mike

Elad said...

hell yeah, it is, Mike! Great sucessor to Trek, agreed?

Even ten minutes of any Battlestar episode puts any full hour of an Enterprise episode to utter, utter, shame.

Tone-wise, it's like DS9 but without any of the Trek restrictions and rules. And the Caprica stuff reminds me of the best of Space: Above and Beyond, one of my favorite lost TV shows.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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