Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Heartbreaking news mixed with good news: HBO has decided not to renew one of my favorite shows to ever grace a TV, Carnivale, for a third season. On the flip side, HBO has renewed The Wire - another wonderful show and another of my favorites - for a fourth season. I'm happy for The Wire but quite disillusioned by the Carnivale news. The last episode of the second season left a huge playing field of possibilites open for the story and some of the work in the latter half of the season was brilliant beyond anything HBO has ever done (a big statement), meanwhile, The Wire's last season was equally awesome and seemed to come to a logical conclusion. All the badguys were either dead or back in jail and a lot of the good guys came to the end of their story arcs, practically the main character, McNulty. Just like in previous seasons, I have no doubt that the incredibly gifted writers at The Wire will take what feels like a firm ending and expand it to add more interesting layers. Still, I wish the Carnivale team would have had the same chance.

In other news, the new website for the company I work launched yesterday. I've been working on this thing since the first week I started at the company. I didn't design the site but I did upload every single piece of art up there. I also wrote the short "colorful" bios for all the artists. Kinda cool to check out. A lot of the work is very interesting, too. Worth a look: http://smart-publishing.com

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