Monday, January 31, 2005

New York Cares

Okay, cool story time: Last week, Thursday, I had the morning off cause my boss was doing an airport run. I'm relaxing online for the first time in a while, reading some random things that I wouldn't normally have time for. That morning, I'd gotten an email/newsletter from Matador Records that mentioned something about an Interpol show in NY. I checked it out at their site: A second night added at Radio City Music Hall, at exactly the same time I'll be in NY in early March. I've been saying, ever since I found out I'm going to be in New York City, I need to see a show while I'm there. I am starving for live music right now. Lost in the fucking desert without a canteen. I even went online looking to find shows in the area when I'm there but with no luck. Now, finally, a lead. Better yet: Tickets for the second show were not even on sale yet. They were coming to that morning, at exactly 10 am. I had a brief flashback to waking up early on Saturday mornings to be on line, hit Refresh a lot, and get tickets to see Radiohead or TOOL. This time, though, I was awake and ready to go long before 10.

There was the added stress of my boss calling at any time to tell me to come to work. I had a kind of loose timetable of 10:30, but, she could call me at any time and tell me to come and then what? Lose my virtual spot on line? Miss seeing one of the best bands of this century? Miss seeing a freakin' indie rock show at Radio City Music Hall (attention: The Revolution is here) and regret it my entire life. No! I will not! I saw Interpol around this time last year, at The Warfield in San Francisco, and it was an unmistakbly glorious experience. I went with two friends, lost them in the near-the-stage chaos, didn't matter. I was so lost in the music, I said, later, "I really don't know what songs they were playing. I was just so into the consistency, the overall sound of them playing live." Although I do vaguely remember two songs that stood out because they were not from their first album and because of the general feeling of Interpol music, was hard to discern their qualities. Now, though, I know them as "Narc" and "Length of Love" from the new album, Antics.

And, oh, how I love the new album. I know it's corners and mood so well, I could listen to the album at a miniscule volume and still sing-a-long. The words are etched in my skin (again, from the many, many, listens). I'm timeless like a broken watch.. The trouble is, you're in love with someone else, it should be me!.. combat, salicious, removal... We spies, YEAH, we slow hands!

Okay, sorry, back to the story now. Obviously, there's a happy ending. I'm not going to depress you with your morning coffee or mid-afternoon blog break. I got tickets. Well, ticket. Just one. It will be a solo experience, although I will be in my hometown so who knows I could run into it? Best part: I was there so early to get tickets, and I spent so much, I got CENTER! Orchestra seating. Or standing. Or dancing my fucking indie rock groovin' ass off.