Wednesday, November 03, 2004

That's it! I'm moving. For real this time. Chris, make some room in Japan. I'm calling up family members in Israel. I wonder what the weathers like in Amesterdam this time of year. Shawn wants to go to Italy. Fine by me. If it's not run by a horrible dictator who has a free pass now to do whatever damage he wants - to the environment, to our place in the world - then I'm down.

Seriously. What the fuck is the matter with this country? How blind, ignorant, religious, and paranoid can you get?

I saw a Republican on TV today say, "This country has made a moral choice, to put Values first." What? What values are you talking about exactly? Destroying the right to choose? Protecting "marriage" from the subversion of homosexuality? (Explain to me, please, in a sentence, ANYONE, why letting two people marry who love each other threatens, offends, or demeans "Marriage"? Opps. Forgot about divorce.)

And, please (PLEASE), someone explain to me how the "Midwest" or "bible belt" part of the country, where the majority of poor blacks and other minorities are recruited and shipped off to die in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran (i can tell the future a little), these people still voted for this butcher, this megalomaniac power-hungry corporate whore? Mothers and fathers who voted for Bush might as well have cocked the gun and put the bullet in their son by themselves. Save the travel fare.

You know what's the worst part? I'm angry. I'm fucking pissed off. But I'm not to surprised. I hoped, I prayed, I voted. And now, I'm resigned to my more comfortable state of New York City cynicism.

(But, since it's not "officially" over yet, I'll cross my fingers, say a prayer, and hope reason will somehow prevail.)

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