Thursday, October 07, 2004

ohhh yeaahhhh (The Truth About Cheney's Untruths).

smell that? that's the smell of change.

Go Kerry/Edwards. Keep keeping it real.


Anonymous said...

let's play a game - what is the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear the word snarling?


Elad said...

a snake.

(or a Cheney.)

zw said...

So, Elad:

You've got a blog.

I've got a blog.

You know a bunch of people with blogs.

I propose Flash Friday. (Fiction, not animation.) Might be fun, y'know?

You still using that yahoo email?

Elad said...

heyy, kevin. as much as i would like to do Flash Friday (you know how much i love anything that has to do with illteration), but unfortanetly with school and my own writing and everything, i didn't think i have the time. sorry, bro.

yeah, same email. drop me a line. i have those CD's for you but never sent them cause i'm a lazy fool. will try and get those out, soon. sorry. (again).