Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm still here. Are you?

Been busy and not bloggy lately. Started school. It's quite cool, surprisingly. Studying Lit and writing, for a change, and loving it. Went to California. Had fun in the old home town. Spending a lot of time with my girl. All these things and more = not much time online anymore. For the better, I think.

If I have words to spare, or news to shout (!), you'll find it here. In the meantime, go buy Interpol's new album. And then call me and say "Hey, Elad, how do you know what great albums to get?" And I'll say, "Cause I'm awesome."



Christopher Barzak said...

Hey, cool that you started school. Why didn't you tell me that but you mentioned the story sale, which you should put on the blog too, so everyone will know to look for it eventually. What classes are you taking? What books are the profs having you read?

Elad said...

heya Chris! I've been terrible in keeping up with my friends lately and I apologize. I did sell a story to Fortean Bureau but I was waiting till it was online to link to it. I'm extremely excited about it and was (kinda) afraid i'd jinx it and they'd decide not to put it up. (hehe. little supertitious.)

As for school, I'm taking some random classes in prepartion for applying to a graduate creative writing program (i think.) I'm taking a Shakespeare comedy class, which is pretty cool but in retrospect I've studied these plays before and so I'm not taking anything really new from them. But it is a nice chance to practice paper-writing, etc, which I did not have to do in art school. I'm also taking a Creative Writing class which is quire refreshing and with a very cool teacher. One of the interesting things about the class is that we're reading a bunch student-selected stories although the students seem to be showing off a little. Kafka, Updike, Salinger. Interesting stuff but just doesn't seem like what they're really passionate about. I picked an Aimee Bender story. :)

Probably the most interesting class is a Literature class framed by existentialist thought. We're reading Hermann Hesse's Demain in that class along with a number of existential short stories and, soon, Waiting for Godot. The teacher is very hippie-ish and fascinating to listen too. Overall, I've been enjoying my baby-steps back into "real" education and am looking forward to more.

Christopher Barzak said...

Ooo, the existentialist class sounds wonderful. I loved Damian. That book is fierce. I really liked Hesse's Steppenwolf too.

Good for you for introducing Aimee Bender to your class. You're going to be leagues ahead of a lot of people in those classes, I imagine. ;-)

zw said...

Nice. What school?

Elad said...

Chris: Yeah, we actually just got our first round of student-written stories last night. And.. P-whew! some awful, childish, writing here. I'm disappointed but am hoping there's better to come.

Kevin: Going to Florida International University. It's a public school, real cheap for Florida residents (i used my mom as proof of residency.) The school itself has a huge, pretty, campus but the buildings (and the students) are a little ghetto. It kinda reminds me of my high school in the Bronx. On the outside; but once inside, in the classes, it feels like a real college with intelligent people on both sides of each class.

Anonymous said...

As Elad's girl I would like to attest to the fact that Elad is Awesome - especially because he was such a ZOOOOPA (super) tour guide in San Francisco - He was soo good that I can recognize the city perfectly in cheesy 80's movies now!

Hey Elad - WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is more leepy? Your girl, Bubba, or you?? HEHHEHEHE

Elad said...

well! that's easy. Bubba, of course. (that's Shawn's dog for anybody who didn't know.)

As for touring San Francisco, that city defines awesome. After six years living there, it was great to come back and "show it off." I wish we would have had more time there.

We'll just have to go back. :)