Thursday, April 22, 2004

Decemberists Stuff, Part 2.

So, new Big D record. It didn't really sink in this morning. But, I took a walk through the park in the one of most gloriously blue days in months, listening to Her Majesty The Decemberists and I was overtaken, once again, by that record. Before I heard this album, I was causal Decemberists fan, maybe a little more. I had the first full-length and the following (brilliant) EP on mp3 for a long time. I liked them a lot but I was enjoying a huge palette of music at the time thanks to the wonders of Soulseek and a DSL connection.

Then, last summer, a good three months before release, I got my virtual hands on an advance of Her Majesty. To say, "it blew me away" would be a cliche, because it's used to much. But, what the hell, that's what happened. Every time one of those orchestra sections would erupt at the tail end of songs, I would jump! I listened to it a lot, for a looong time, to the point of burn-out. But it was my come-home-from-school-and-relax-with-a-bowl-record for four or five months, straight. I don't think I'll ever forget a lyric, a transition, or a melody from that record. It made that big of an impact on me.

Anyway. So, new record. Doesn't surprise me. This is a band so full of creativity and endless inspiration (case in point: The Tain), that I expect them to come out with a steady stream of material for their entire career. But, honestly, I didn't expect another full-length so soon after Her Majesty. If it comes out in 2004, I'll be shocked. My guess is early 2005. Either way, I'm delighted.


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