Sunday, April 25, 2004

Day 7 in the Great Tea Experiment rolls along. Not a drop of coffee, though, again, I miss it.

I like tea. It's a low-maintenance drink, satisfying in a strange way - not a pick-me-up-out-of-the-dumpster-way like coffee but more a nudge towards clarity. Been going to sleep earlier and that's a good thing, more time for the ever-persistent homework.

Still working on my 9/11-based story. Unfortunately. It'll either be awesome or the most over-worked, meandering, mess I've yet to concoct. It's been like the kind of roller-coaster ride that has a long line and then once you're on the ride, it's great, but brief. So then you get back on the line and wait, and wait, and then ride it again, and again. It's satisfying and not at the same time. Know what I mean?

Till next time.

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