Monday, April 05, 2004

Another band to add to the list of "Bands Elad Loves" list I know you're all keeping: The American Analog Set.

I've mentioned them here before but not forawhile. This is a band that didn't grab me at first. For a long time all I listened to them was the first song off the first album I had downloaded (Magnificent Seventies, off "From Our Living Room to Yours." Great song.) but then, like a slowly unfolding story, I got more and more of their work and I was taken by their sometimes lush, sometimes sparse, but uniform sound. Most American Analog Set songs sound the same – i.e. they use the same palette of sounds. So does Mogwai. Both to brilliant results.

Lately, the guys at have been posting free mp3's. Lives, demos, all kinds of sweet stuff. It's too bad they're not keeping an archive, but I am! And I'm going to share a little.

Secrets of the Heart. I first encountered this song in its acoustic version on the wonderful and sweet Home EP that Andrew Kenny (lead singer of 'the Set) and Ben Gibbard (from TPS and Death Cab) did together. It was one of my favorites then and this simple, full-band version, is beautiful, charming, and textbook AmAnSet.

White House (live) – Live in studio. Sounds great. This is a very relaxed song from the aforementioned "From Our Living Room.." album, the live version, however, is infused with the raw emotion present in their shows. It's hard to describe, you have to hear it for yourself. I can't promise you'll "get" it either. They seem to be a very acquired taste.

In other musical news, the new Beta Band album is spectacular and filled with the kind of amazing musical moments that seem to only come from Britain. Released April 26th, I believe. Sometimes I wish I was English; I'm sure I would make music. It might even be good.

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