Thursday, February 19, 2004

America sometimes reminds me of a group old ladies playing bridge. There's always something to talk about in the open, always something to whisper about in private (between hands), but every once in a while, the grandmas will raise their collective voices and shout about something.

Last week it was Janet Jackson's left breast, this week it's gay-marriage.

Now, more than ever, I'm proud to call myself a San Francisco citizen. I've never seen a whole city stand up for so many personal freedoms and rights. I'm also very impressed with Gavin Newsom. Finally! A politician willing to stand for something besides getting more votes. I'm proud of California, of it's anti-discrimination laws that made these events possible.

I'm no fan of marriage. But I am a supporter of freedom and rights. When I heard George W. Bush condemn gay marriages in his State of the Union, I worried. Another personal freedom to attack and destroy from this monster of a man, this thief. It's not like it was legal to begin with. Homosexuals of both sexes have been wedding for a long time quietly, without the full approval of law of society, forgoing the usual "partner" title in favor of "husband" or "wife." I never really understood the distinction but I think I do now. It goes beyond the difference between "girlfriend" and "wife" and to something more important: It's about recognition and respect. It's a warcry.

I'm shocked at the people who are willing to support a constitutional ban on gay marriages. Can't they see this is exactly what we did to the blacks of the south with the Jim Crow laws after the civil war? What we did to the Japanese during World War II? What the Nazi's did to the Jews? The moment you segregate a group and start to limit their freedoms, you become an oppressor.

I hoped America's days of oppression were long over. I guess I was wrong.

I'm sure you've read more than enough about this issue. But here's a good article from the perspective of San Francisco, from the Bay Guardian.

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