Friday, September 15, 2006

Sometimes, the world feels very small.

Man, where did this week go? Where did this summer go?!

I feel like it's been such a blur. A good blur, but a blur nonetheless. Alaska was incredible, seemed to be a calm nap before a busy evening. Before I knew what was happenning, Israel was at war and workload suddenly increased a thousand-fold. My calm summer where I was suppose to get back to my roots of writing and reading and relaxing was gobolled up, never to be heard from again.

And this week the offical "craziness" begins at work, with more and more work and responsibility and overtime (that demon of good and bad all moshed together).

Shawn and I are in a new apartment. Two weeks later and close to settling in. It's a wonderful place, full of good vibes, in an even wonderfuler (that should so be a word) location. It's going to be great to watch this neighborhood develop. Although it looks like our building might start looking like a messy construction project soon.

Everything hasn't been perfect, tho. I feel like I work constantly and yet am still undeniably broke. The stress of all that (work, brokeness, moving) has eaten away at my ability to relax and ponder, writing-wise. I'm picking away at this one little piece of story I got, very very slowly. One of these days, it may be something readable and good. Been a while since I had one of those. Wish me luck!

Thankfully, there has been some very good news lately, in the regards to live music in the area. That one thing I'm always complaining about? Yeah, well, someone wants me to shut the fuck up, cause there's four band incredible bands coming in the next two months to enterain me, personally. Gonna be great.


LoriB said...


LoriB said...

oh yeah, thanks for sharing, now like i said, GO WATCH, hehe

Elad said...

I have watched, Lori! And it was very enlightening. It made me think about all kinds of things in my life, especially my goals. I plan to watch it again soon.