Monday, July 17, 2006

So, war.

It seems to be affecting me more than most, this "crisis," this conflict, this war. I work in a building full of Jews and it's the talk of the town - and the country, I'm assuming - but it's all talk. It's all, "What happenned..?" or "Did you hear.. ?" or "Shame about..." But for me, it feels emotional. The images on TV don't shock me as much as the fears in my head. Fear of my family in Haifa, caught in a missile attack, my young cousin who I barely know but love so so much and the thought of something happening to her makes me want to... to not think anymore.

There's a Solidarity Rally tomorrow run by my job and a temple. I suppose I'm going. I don't feel the need. I don't believe in rallys or marches, cause they don't do anything. We have this false sense of importance that anything we do can change the course of history, can alter the opinion of governments and rebels and terrorists. But, we can't. We are as helpless as the frightened civilians on both sides of the border huddling together in bunkers and waiting for peace.

I was just informed that I have to go to the Rally. The whole office is going. To show suppport. For who? I don't know. For our collective jobs, apparently. I guess some people need to DO something in the face of all this sadness. Maybe they're the smart ones.


LoriB said...

I think with marches and rallies it's more about the community getting together to show support for each other. At times of need people tend to want to flock together, this is just one way.

I hold the vision that you will experience some sense of relief, or maybe something else inside will help you through this.

That being said I have never been part of a "rally" but i see as being no different than any gathering, ok well a rally at least has some cause.

If i did go, i would be the one handing out hugs or positive words, because rallies can also tend to bring out tension, people are obviously together for a reason (usually something not so good) and they find this is the time to vent and express.

Elad said...

Very good point, Lori. Thanks for the positive vibes.


Anonymous said...

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