Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The New Worst Idea Ever

As gas prices topple $3 a gallon, people all over the country seem to be waking up to what has been supremely apparent to me over the last seven years: President Bush is a puppet to the oil and auto industry! Like, duh!

So the Republican congress thought they could buy off the American public like they do with their spoiled brat children and say, "Here's a hundred dollars! Go buy yourself an iPod." (Meanwhile, the only iPod you can get for less than $300 is the Shuffle. But, anyway...) Thankfully, that idiotic plan is dying and will forever be remembered as The New Worst Idea Ever (copyright pending).

What needs to happen is this: the public, the states, and the legislative branch of our great country need to take this fight to Bush. We should prosecute him for crimes against the environment. Because the actions and inactions the President perpeterated over the last seven years (by not signing Kyoto, by ignoring scientific claims, by not over-taxing Hummers) has done irreversible damage to the environment. We've passed Go. We will not collect two hundred dollars.

In the future, when everyone has to wear gas masks to run between their cars and their glass houses, you can find me easily by looking for the one with the bumper-stick-like sign on the back: "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kerry."


Shawn said...

Bush sucks. enough said.


Elad said...


we've impeached Presidents for less..

August said...

If you haven't seen this, it will bring a smile to your face.

august said...

Damn, the link got messed up.

I'm sure it's still on youtube, but there's a 3 part series of Colbert roasting Bush at a highly conservative banquet.

Elad said...

cool, dude. i've read the transprict but was waiting for it to come up on YouTube.

august said...

It was up a few days ago. It seems to have been expunged recently, though. Tried finding it again, but kept coming up with "copyright infringement". =(