Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tickle me.. Surprised.

Seems like I did something right with my latest published piece. Response to Halfway Down The Hole has been wonderful, from friends and relatives emailing their praise and pleasant surprise, to a few random people emailing their positive comments.

Also, a young guy from Sicily is in the process of translating the story to Italian for publication in as-yet-unconfirmed book of short stories from "young writers and young translators." Very nice guy.

And today I got an email from an editor at an English language literary journal in India (!) who wants to reprint the story in the December issue of the Taj Mahal Review.

Thanks everybody! And specifically the smart and funny folks at pboz for giving me a chance to share my work.


zw said...


Christopher Barzak said...


Dave said...

Woo! Good going!

Elad said...

thanks, ya'll. i'm quite happy.

Anonymous said...

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