Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today is A Beautiful Day

I love the Internet.

I love the way it connects people. I love the way it has changed everything.

A couple days ago, Broken Social Scene's new album got leaked to the Internent. It is... different and tough and rough in all the right places. I still haven't formed a full opinion on it but I expect to love it once I get to know it. (Like a good friend.)

The response to the album has been polarizing. Lots of people - fans, i assume, of the first album - are angry about this strange piece of almost-violent music. Others, like me, are happy to have something new to listen to and are enjoying it. But the band has probably recieved a shit load of pissed off emails saying things like, "What were you thinking releasing THIS album?" or other such bullshit. Well, they posted this on their website two days ago and I think it's hilarious and beautiful.

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