Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Huge props to Shawn Libman, Esquire, for passing the Florida Bar Exam, cementing her position as a lawyer in a prominent downtown Miami law firm.

Now, what a super smart lawyer is doing dating a loser wordsmith like me can probably be credited to stress or bad judgement.

Or blind love.



Anonymous said...

Esquire! that's me!?!?!?! :)

How could someone with bad judgment become a lawyer?
(Actually, don't answer that)

What is a hip and happening published author doing with a dorky lawyer who enjoys watching Supreme Court Oral Arguments on CSPAN?

Blind Love?

Elad said...

haha. C-SPAN.

what's dorkier, CSPAN or The SciFi Channel? a question for the ages.

anyway, I'm not much of a stasis person. I think jobs do not define people, BUT, there is this massive enigma on a pedestal about lawyers. i never even talked to one before meeting you, Shawn. besides you, i still only know law students. so i guess i techinically haven't yet, but, you all seem pretty much the same as everyone else. ('cept smarter.)

Anonymous said...

Blind Love? or just Crazy!
-the psychologist J.C.