Monday, January 17, 2005

I know.

I've been neglecting this blog for awhile now and I'm sorry. To my two loyal readers, I sincerely apologize. I wish I had more interesting things to write, more fascinating adventures to report, or even a concert review to whittle away some time. But, I don't. My life has been pretty chill, my relationship is good, I even got a j-o-b.

I work for these guys. They represent a number of artists based in Israel, and the world famous David Schluss who works in-office. They sell art to galleries. And some really incredible art. Check out Schluss and Shemi, for sure. Some of their more recent work - which isn't on that website but will be on a new one - is very very good. It's a cool working environment and I'm asked to do a lot of different stuff, which makes the job interesting: from heavy lifting, to color correction, to babysitting. (Seriously.)

I've got a new story coming out in a certain awesome online mag in the near future (will keep you posted). Mostly, I've been busy reading and attempting to write stories. It's been a rough transition, moving from a small city (that felt like a big town) to a huge suburban city that feels like a tiny town. I think it's affected my brain more than I'd like to admit. My thought processes have changed, slowed down, relaxed, maybe. As such, words - once my good friends - feel like long lost acquaintances now. I try to touch them and they seem to slither away. I've written a handful of good stories since moving to Florida (over half a year now, feels like a couple weeks) but I feel dissatisfied. My extra-dull, unemployed, San Francisco-lifestyle was very conducive for writing. I spent most of my days staring off into space and thinking about writing. Nowadays, I'm occupied with more normal things. And I wonder how all the other writers out there with tons of stories and books do it. How do you balance it all? (I'm not being hypothetical. Seriously, how??)

In the meantime, though, I'll try to come here more often and stretch the writing muscles. Now that I've got a job, one of my first priorities is a comfortable computer chair. Who knows what could happen after that ?


tragedyanne said...

i guess you don't know me, but i've been also reading your blog lately (because your name intrigued me, it's the same as my best friend's over in israel). so i guess that makes it, like, 2 loyal readers + 1 person who came out of nowhere.

so yeah, finally, a post! =D

Elad said...

I'm glad I can make you happy with my little posts. I'll try to update more frequently now (evidence above). But I still don't have a good chair!

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