Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the Bush administration lied to us again. This shouldn't be shocking or angering to me at this point, but for some reason it is. (Why?) Is it because they're finding new ways to do it? They dug up some dusty information on obvious targets and tried to take the attention away from Kerry.

In November, I'm sure this country will shout as loud as they can, "No more." No more lies, no more loopholes in a already-pock-marked system. No more political deception. It's ruining us.

On the recent episode of Bill Maher's HBO series, Michael Moore said this race is not "neck-in-neck" as the media would have you believe. Data from "Polls" can't be trusted. And neither can "news" between corporate-sponsored-smiles. This Election Day, millions of people who never would voted before (like me) will add our voices to the cry. Finally.


zw said...

Ooo, Elad gets political!

I'm fairly sure you're right that they won't be able to take this election (legally or otherwise), but it doesn't really matter, since i figure the plan since 9-11 was: "screw it, we've got three more years, let's just get as much of the right-wing agenda going as we possibly can". Which would explain why everything that doesn't directly benefit one of their crew is done in a completely half-assed way, and why even their attempts at re-election are feeble and weak.

And you know what? It'll _work_. Kerry will come in, and, while things won't get staggeringly worse, they also won't get much better. People have very short memories, and since the media is driven strictly by profit and incompetence, which usually works out very well for the right, people will blame Kerry when he can't magically wave away the incredible layer of feces Bush has spread over the country.

And then it'll be Jeb in 2008, for god's sake. And he'll WIN, and during his second term Iraq or Afghanistan will be invaded AGAIN, and possibly SYRIA AS WELL, and that 'splutch' sound you'll hear in Florida or wherever will be MY BRAIN IMPLODING.

Elad said...

*clap, clap*


yonlu said...

Everyone should vote.