Monday, June 21, 2004

Ever have a day that's a theme?

Today my theme is "Firsts, Again." First time I've been behind the wheel a car for eight years. Last time was my driving test when I was sixteen. I know everyone fails their first time, but it really depressed me. I'll be honest - I didn't want to drive that much anyway. I was a teenager in NYC, obsessed with the subway system and being an unconformist, I thought I would rebel even more by not getting a license. Also, the driving instructor lady (think a black Ursula from The Little Mermaid) scared the shit out of me. But, I drove today and it was cool and I didn't kill myself (or anybody else) and I even parked well. I'm still not a huge fan of driving - and personally believe that cars are the single most destructive element to our environment - but I realize I need to drive to live here in Florida and I'm willing to do that.

Second, I watched Wimbeldon! Yeah. My favorite Grand Slam, the BEST fortnight of the year for any true tennis fan, and the first time I've had a TV and been able to watch for a loooong time. And, in true Wimbeldon tradition - the home of traditions - rain delays up the wazoo! I think we're at five separate rain delays at the moment. And even though it kinda sucks and they're repeating a lot of the same matches, it means (as always) chaos during the next few days as Second and Third matches will overlap and probably having more tennis being played in the coming week than usual, which is great for fans! After watching some of the French Open a few weeks ago, I am primed and ready to follow my favorite event of my favorite sport (barring actual work). Cross your fingers for me. :)

Also, another tradition, over the next two weeks, I expect to spend a lot of time here.

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