Monday, April 12, 2004

Whoever said people/kids who download music don't actually buy CD's is obviously wrong. I've read a bunch of articles last few days that says the music industry sales are UP. Now. Think about this for just a second. Why is that? Is it because people are trying before they buy? Is it because music is better today than it was yesterday? Or maybe a little bit of both. I know I've been buying more CD's now that I download than I ever have before and it's because of that certainity that I'm not going to spend money on something and never listen to it. I buy the records because I want to have them for a long time in perfect quality.

Just recently I bought two albums that I'd had on mp3 for over a year now, Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People and the American Analog Set's The Golden Band. And got way into them again thanks to the improved quality and the ability to take them out in my sojourns into The World. YFIIP is wonderful soundtrack music.

A picture of my current "in rotation" shelf:

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