Thursday, March 04, 2004

I am becoming the Procrastination King. Crown me.

Next week is Midterms and I have a lot of work that I haven't started, that needs to be done, that needs to be completed. Yet I never fail to come up with reasons to delay. I could write. I could work on something else. I could watch Stargate: SG1. I could listen to music.

My friends are right; they see my comfortable room/office with my computer-slash-work-machine-slash-enterainment-center and are not shocked that I have trouble getting work done. I'm learning, though. I have a lot of discipline when it comes to some things (like writing stories), I just need to transplant that discipline in other directions.

The main class I'm in at the moment is a Portfolio class, getting us ready for graduation and work and interviewing jobs, etc. God, that scares me. Terrifies and freezes. We're working on resumes and websites and I can not get motivated. I know it's all for my benefit, getting a job is good, right? Right? I'm not so sure.

Obviously, working, making money, eating, all good things that ensure survival. But I'm resistant to using whatever minor skills I've gathered in Art School to "make money." Honestly, I'd rather work in Starbucks (or a small coffeshop) than being a corporate lackey, or a creative-field-hand. I'm pretty much renouncing my four (or five) years of education. But I don't regret the education at all. it's been creatively fulfilling and a fascinating (often difficult) ride. But, I've decided: I will do, as I always do, what makes me happy. Damn the consequences.

Now, I should get working on that website.

"Damn all the angles that oppress my sight." - The Decemberists.

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