Sunday, March 28, 2004

Fiction deemed "too un-fiction-y" by Royal Geniuses at the Academy of Art College

Wow. Well, I go to the Academy of Art College, but I never took any of the writing classes. This is why.

The school fucked up, for sure. The Liberal Art department and their classes aren't exactly what you might call "genius". And apparently stupidity is in the water over there. Senior Vice President of Public Relations Sallie Huntting said, "When there is a questionable or disturbing issue, we contact the proper authorities.'' Um. Not true in every other department in the school. From the Film department to my Computer Art department to the Photography people; there is no "creative ceiling." You create what you want, safe in the knowledge, till now, that the teacher won't call the cops.

Still, there are some amazing teachers in that Liberal Arts department. My brilliant Pop Culture teacher. One of my mentors and one of the most amazing people I've ever met: an old Public Speaking teacher. But that's a handful within a truckload.

Thanks to Nick Mamatas for making me aware of the article. I'm officially offended by his comments, but.. he's not wrong.

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