Monday, February 16, 2004

If you're like me, (and you're probably not but bear with me), you love reading about music. A dash of writer's voice, a reference to bands or albums you like, and you're sold.

Here's some cool music articles.

This is a great article about Explosions in the Sky's new album. They're another sweet Mogwai-like post-rock band. Easy to dismiss as "more of the same," but the more I listen to EITS, the more I realize the subtle brilliance and extreme emotions present in their music.

From today's Pitchfork update. One of my favorite new writers over there, Dominqiue Leone, never fails to write interesting reviews. I'm a recovering Metal fan, so I don't plan on getting this album or anything, but the read is good. She/he (?) namedrops Slayer's "Reign in Blood" and you just gotta love that.

Album of the Day: Her Space Holiday - Manic Expressive

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