Saturday, February 14, 2004

I love Mogwai. Let me count the ways.

1. Violins. Dark violins. Sad violins.

2. Guitars. A chorus of guitars, unlike I've never heard them before. Organic as the flapping of birds' wings, cinematic in intensity, calm or as exhilarating as the slickest voice.

3. Happy Songs for Happy People (2003) "40 minutes of unadulterated brilliance," said the band before its release. I think they were right. The perfect example of a Mogwai album. Sophisticated and extremely emotional. My favorite album of last year.

4. Rock Action (2001) A fistfight of an album, starts with a bang, ends with a bang. Everything inbetween is just beautiful.

5. Their live shows. Strip away all the bullshit, see five guys with guitars and a drummer, no mic-stands, just music. Waves of music, rising in strength and volume until it envelops you. I kept my eyes closed for the whole show, the second time I saw them.

6. EP-6. a collection of EP's that gets more amazing every time I listen to it. To think these were once separated is almost like a crime. As if all their songs were inhabiting a singular universe, a town, or a maybe a city in Scotland. Call it Mogwai-ville. (I'd like to live there. I think I'd fit in.)

Mogwai, will you be my valentine ?

Album of the Day: Mogwai - Rock Action

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